Hey leaders, searching for exceptional talent? – My favorite trick.

I am still surprised how much searching is still done with the primary focus on skills and experience. Why aren't people including search terms that try and distinguish exceptional performance vs average? If you have 7 years vs 3 years of experience, does more experience make you exceptional?.....I think we could agree it does not. [...]

Recruiting Metrics: 100% Irrefutable or 80% Directionally correct?

Let me tell you a story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. On a monthly basis I used to sit in the executive team meeting where each department leader would share progress against their goals/KPI's. This one particular leader on the HR team, month over month, used to show every data point [...]

A Template For Optimal ATS Step/Status Configuration

The template is downloadable below, but hold on a second you easy-button-answer seekers. I am going to share an ongoing problem related to ATS data and reporting, as well as some things you can and should be doing to fix this regardless of whether you’re the one entering the data or the leader of the function. If we [...]

A Better Way To Assess Exceptional Vs. Average Performance In An Interview

I want to give you a blueprint for what I believe based on my experience and research is the best way to structure your interview framework to produce a more optimal outcome to identify a higher-performing employee. If you’ve read me in the past, you know I like to get as specific as possible so you [...]

70% Of Recruiters Don’t Care Or Are Clueless: Long Live AI Recruiting

I try to not to get all worked up over recruiters being replaced by robots, or recruiting-is-dead click-bait articles, but some of them are just annoying as heck. I want to try and bring some additional facts and sanity to this discussion, as most of the discussions I have seen are based on emotional and [...]