A Better Way To Assess Exceptional Vs. Average Performance In An Interview

I want to give you a blueprint for what I believe based on my experience and research is the best way to structure your interview framework to produce a more optimal outcome to identify a higher-performing employee. If you’ve read me in the past, you know I like to get as specific as possible so you [...]

70% Of Recruiters Don’t Care Or Are Clueless: Long Live AI Recruiting

I try to not to get all worked up over recruiters being replaced by robots, or recruiting-is-dead click-bait articles, but some of them are just annoying as heck. I want to try and bring some additional facts and sanity to this discussion, as most of the discussions I have seen are based on emotional and [...]

Are Passive Candidates A Waste Of Time In A Volume Hiring Model?

Let’s first agree that no staffing model is solely based on identifying and finding only passive candidates. It makes sense to have a solid strategy built around quick hits, such as candidates in your own ATS or candidates on job boards. Most companies still need an active component to their hiring process, even as they [...]

Bad HR Tech Implementations — It’s Not The Tech, It’s You

It’s funny what causes people to write articles. This one is based out of frustration given recent pieces I have read online, plus comments in social media threads. In short, there is some pretty shitty advice being handed out from people who have never implemented a complex CRM or ATS solution. This is also going to [...]