Purple Cow’s and Garden Gnomes: HR & Talent Acquisition could do better job at self-promotion.

I am not talking about posting articles online about your employee brand to attract talent. What I am talking about is, when it comes to the HR and talent acquisition function, self-promoting internally about their value and achievements. I have seen some great programs and initiatives that HR creates and promotes to the employee population, [...]

Impact And Influence Without Authority – Reducing Agency Spend.

Getting people to change how they do things is probably one of the greatest skills a leader can possess in business. Actually, it’s a skill that even if you are not in a direct position of authority, it can be a powerful tool to know how to influence those we interact with in business to [...]

Open letter to the CEO and CHRO. You’re disconnected on Talent priorities.

Dear CEO and CHRO, After years of reading those McKinsey and Gartner ‘what are the CEO’s priorities’ survey results, I felt I needed to send you this note. Chances are, you may have also read and possibly participated in those surveys as well. For the last 5 years, those survey results found that identifying, attracting, developing [...]

The secret to a world class Employee Referral Program

If Employee Referrals are not your number one source of candidates at your company, then you are doing something wrong. Many articles and studies have shown that employee referrals are consistently the best quality of hire you can make. Here is what I have found personally, and you will also find similar approaches from companies [...]

Recruiting Metrics: 100% Irrefutable or 80% Directionally correct?

Let me tell you a story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. On a monthly basis I used to sit in the executive team meeting where each department leader would share progress against their goals/KPI's. This one particular leader on the HR team, month over month, used to show every data point [...]

A Better Way To Assess Exceptional Vs. Average Performance In An Interview

I want to give you a blueprint for what I believe based on my experience and research is the best way to structure your interview framework to produce a more optimal outcome to identify a higher-performing employee. If you’ve read me in the past, you know I like to get as specific as possible so you [...]