Impact And Influence Without Authority – Reducing Agency Spend.

Getting people to change how they do things is probably one of the greatest skills a leader can possess in business. Actually, it’s a skill that even if you are not in a direct position of authority, it can be a powerful tool to know how to influence those we interact with in business to [...]

Hey leaders, searching for exceptional talent? – My favorite trick.

I am still surprised how much searching is still done with the primary focus on skills and experience. Why aren't people including search terms that try and distinguish exceptional performance vs average? If you have 7 years vs 3 years of experience, does more experience make you exceptional?.....I think we could agree it does not. [...]

Are Passive Candidates A Waste Of Time In A Volume Hiring Model?

Let’s first agree that no staffing model is solely based on identifying and finding only passive candidates. It makes sense to have a solid strategy built around quick hits, such as candidates in your own ATS or candidates on job boards. Most companies still need an active component to their hiring process, even as they [...]