Rewire Your Brain to Present Talent-acquisition Metrics Differently

Original Article on ERE Media People, I am sure you have read enough posts about metrics that state “predictive analytics” is the pinnacle of the mountain we must aspire to as a profession. Yes, forward-looking metrics that help you be more proactive vs. rear-view-mirror looking metrics that are more reactive are very important. In my [...]

Impact And Influence Without Authority – Reducing Agency Spend.

Getting people to change how they do things is probably one of the greatest skills a leader can possess in business. Actually, it’s a skill that even if you are not in a direct position of authority, it can be a powerful tool to know how to influence those we interact with in business to [...]

Recruiting Metrics: 100% Irrefutable or 80% Directionally correct?

Let me tell you a story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. On a monthly basis I used to sit in the executive team meeting where each department leader would share progress against their goals/KPI's. This one particular leader on the HR team, month over month, used to show every data point [...]

One Page Ultimate Talent Acquisition Scorecard Template

Over the years I have been asked by talent acquisition and HR leaders for the best scorecard to set expectations and educate executive leadership against key performance indicators. Rather than just continue to have those conversations one at time, let me share the scorecard template that I have landed on that produces the best outcomes [...]