The best sourcing brains (people) I’ve met, and why you should know them.


This is not going to be one of those top influencer marketing articles listing out names of people based off their Klout scores and the volume of Twitter posts.

I generally write articles because I get the same consistent questions: Who’s the best sourcers and sourcing leaders you know?

I have met some incredible and fascinating individuals over the years, who have, and continue to push the boundaries of the sourcing profession. If you have any interest in the identification and attracting of talent, I encourage you to connect with these individuals, follow their posts, and read their comments.

In no particular order:

Glen Cathey

One of the smartest brains in the sourcing world today. Love that when he writes a topic, he backs it up with brilliant nuggets of facts and data to support his theory.

Glenn Gutmacher

One of the early grandfathers of online sourcing. He’s forgotten more than most people have learn’t when it comes to Sourcing.

Mike Notaro

Technically the most brilliant mind on how to bend technology to his will to solve a sourcing problem.

David Carpe 

If the NSA and CIA had a legitimate sourcing/researcher love child, David would be that ‘baby driver’.

Krista Bradford

If you wanted to identify c-suite executives quickly and stealthily, then Krista is the bomb.

Maureen Sharib

Like Glenn Gutmacher, Maureen has forgotten more about the art of using the telephone to identify talent, than most of us put together know.

Suzy Tonini 

Finds hidden gems quicker than a whole sourcing team put together.

Amybeth Quinn

Grown into a leader who understands how data and those sourcing tactics make a powerful competitive combo for organizations.

Leslie O’Connor

The mother of sourcing. Founder of SourceCon and one of the first individuals to build a business around recognizing the need to have sourcing professionals to support companies hiring growth demand.

Shannon Pritchard + Jeremey Roberts

Two individuals that have done more for building passion and interest for the specialized profession of sourcing.

Jeanna Barrie

The pied piper of sourcing leadership. Never met anyone that worked for Jeanna who would not be willing to walk over hot coals to follow her leadership.

Ronnie Bratcher

One of the smartest sourcers I have met, and a matched by his desire to share and build the profession.

Eric Jaquith

Humble, low key guy who taught hundreds how to automate sourcing, long before the term AI.

Shally Steckerl 

When I first got into Sourcing, Shally’s name was the one to know and learn from. Founder of the Sourcing Institute and early grandfather of sourcing.

John Whitfield

One of a kind. Seen with my own eyes, John put a competitive leadership team org chat together in under 10min by using the phone alone. Freaked out a lot of people on this list with his skills (no rusing btw)

Alex Pedregon + Vicky Bouras-Boudouris + Mark Jennings

Three individuals that all blow my mind with their uncanny skills of attracting passive talent.

Marvin Smith

The go-to authority on building talent communities that produces results at scale.

Dean Da Costa

Long before Dean became known as the Chrome extension guy of sourcing, I witnessed with my own eyes, how he produced double the results of the next closest recruiter in a software company.

Tim O’Connor

One of the early pioneers of mastering and building offshore sourcing teams successfully.

Jim Stroud 

Has more creativity in his little finger than the industry combined.

Marc Tortorici

One of the best speakers and trainers I have seen in the profession.

Sean Rehder

Early pioneer on how to create and deploy a CRM to help scale a sourcing function.

Steve Levy

The guy who cuts through the BS and keeps the industry honest. Ridiculously giving as well.

Michael Marlatt

One of the early pioneers of mobile recruiting strategies, wicked smart and founder of MREC.

Johnny Campbell

While more than Sourcing, got to give props to Johnny for creating a great micro learning platform for global sourcers.

Todd Davis

Was teaching us how to effectively source on Facebook while the rest of the population was still trying to work out LinkedIn.

Randy Bailey

Beat AI in the SourceCon grandmaster challenge. Got to be pretty smart to do that.

Author disclaimer:

My summation of each individual is not the only talent they possess.

Sorry, if I missed you on the list. I tried to keep it to people I have firsthand experience with. I’m happy if readers want to add names and why, as it’s impossible to know everyone.

Most of them won’t bite if you reach out nicely with a willingness and desire to learn.

Happy holidays!