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I am sure most of you have watched a Seinfeld episode or two, and even if you have not, you are probably aware that the premise of Seinfeld is a show about nothing.

When you bring up the topic of recruiting articles, then you will also find that the large percentage of you feel that most of these articles are about nothing as well.

I recently asked a question on social to confirm my own beliefs:

What type of article would you like to read that you have not seen before?

I got a lot of responses as you can probably tell, people like to consume articles and stories for many professional and personal reasons. In all the responses, there was not a specific answer around a topic that we have not seen written about hundreds of times before over the years. What dig ring true as the major theme, is people are clamoring for stories about specifics.

Most articles we see written are by vendors and consultants. We all know why as well, and I am all for reading the occasional opinion piece where the writer is hyperbolizing, but I don’t think I am in a boat alone stating that people want more actual real-life stories about ‘The How’.

How the problem was attacked, and most importantly, more transparency around the facts, be it positive or negative outcomes.

People want to know the ‘How’ of a challenge or opportunity, what were the specific outcomes, be it good/bad, and what were the lesson’s learned.

I am writing this as a call to action for those of you busy recruiting leaders actually facing these challenges every day, we want to hear your stories. We need you to be brave and help educate and elevate the profession. Most importantly we want to hear specifics:

  1. What was the problem/opportunity?
  2. Why was this important to you/business?
  3. How did you go about solving for this with specifics (People, Process, Technology)?
  4. What were the outcomes, be it positive and negative?
  5. What were the lessons learned, and what would you do differently if you had to do it again?

People are hungry and they want more stories about something not nothing. If you agree with me and have the passion for learning, please share with with your industry colleagues and leaders.