If Employee Referrals are not your number one source of candidates at your company, then you are doing something wrong. Many articles and studies have shown that employee referrals are consistently the best quality of hire you can make.

Here is what I have found personally, and you will also find similar approaches from companies that achieve 40-50% of their hires from employee referral programs.

Its not about the Tech.

Its not about how much you pay your employees a referral bonus.

What it is about, is three simple principles:

  1. Top Down: Your CEO and executive leadership team must drive top down messaging and the continual importance of having employees (whole company) proactively identify and attract top talent.
  2. Bottom’s Up: You and your Talent Acquisition function must make it as easy as possible for a employee to refer a person. It does not matter if the name comes to you on the back of the napkin, just make it painless and easy.
  3. Follow up and Follow Through: You must create a consistent experience where every referral gets contacted and every employee is informed of progress and outcomes.

There are a lot of different tactics that you can employee to market, brand and evangelize your program. There are a lot of different Technologies that can help simplify and track. This short piece was not designed to go into each of the different technical, program or branding solutions for employee referrals for a very simple reason……

My advice to you, is as long as you stay focused on these three principles and not get enamored by the bright and shinny Tech, then your’e on your way to world class.

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