The term Talent Advisor in recruiting circles has been thrown around for some time now. I personally like this definition (yes I wrote it about a year ago) 🙂

“Talent Advisors are a trusted recruiting partner to the business who consistently delivers the best candidates in support of the business mission while continually improving the hiring process and candidate experience.”

The issue I see though, is if you want your recruiters to be more proactive, strategic, consultative advisors to their hiring managers, you need to create the space for them. When I speak with executives about their desire to make their recruiters ‘Talent Advisors’, what I unfortunately don’t hear very often is a reduction in the req load of recruiters.

It’s very difficult to understand external market supply/demand implications, unless you spend the time.

It’s challenging to analyze the operational roadblocks to a more effective outcome, unless you spend the time.

It’s time consuming to do a proper strategy kick off meeting with the hiring manager to define what does exceptional performance look like.

It takes time to understand how a business works (Strategy, financials, etc).

To be consultative and add value requires you dedicate the time to become a ‘Talent Advisor’. So next time you talk about elevating the function, or get into a conversation with a business executive around their desire to have your recruiters become ‘Talent Advisors’, ask them this….

“Mr/s Business executive, are you ok with us creating the space for our recruiters to become Talent Advisors?”

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