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I am still surprised hearing Recruiting and HR leaders using language that is akin to trying to fly under or stay off leadership radars.

Don’t use phrases like ‘I want a seat at the table’ when you’re not willing to take risks by sticking your neck out to show executive leadership that you’re not satisfied with the status quo. Volunteer for that difficult project or initiative others shy away from. Try something creative and new. Hold up your hand and don’t think twice about failing.

Great business leaders want people that can can take risks (calculated) and try and move the business forward.They are ok if you shoot for the stars but land on the moon. You will be remembered more for trying something difficult and leaning lessons from it. Leaders actually crave more people like you.

So next time that scary project or situation pop’s up, run towards it, not away from it, as flying under the radar is akin to punching the clock just for the paycheck.

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