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I get it. As a corporate leader you are buried up to your eyeballs in email and that is why you either don’t respond or take a long time to respond. Nothing to do with my content, right 🙂

Here are some tips that I used my entire career that kept my inbox to a minimum and stopped me dropping the ball on follow ups as well.

Rule 1. Touch it once. Delete it, Answer it or Move it.
Rule 2. Create email template responses for those common scenarios. Here was one I used when I was buried but out of professional courtesy wanted to acknowledge I will get to it soon: ‘Hi got your email and will respond shortly after some pressing priorities’
Rule 3. Cc yourself or use flags for follow ups on people.
Rule 4. Color code priority people. Boss, bosses boss, etc
Rule 5. Block time in your calendar to get through email. I used to do early morning, lunch and the later afternoon blocks each day. That way you can keep on top of it and additionally it stops people blocking your calendar for nothing but meetings.
Rule 6. If your cc’d on the email or there are no specific asks, then those were the lowest priority that I put into a special review folder.

Now if you uses these tips, you can get back to answering my emails quicker in the future.

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