Rob McIntosh

I am a Talent Acquisition leader with 15+ years of global experience consistently delivering results.

My Expertise

  • Building and scaling sourcing models that identify and pipeline talent ahead of business demand.
  • Creation of metrics, KPI’s and scorecards that drive operational efficiencies and show the value of recruitment functions to executive leadership.
  • Improving RPO partnerships and performance, that help scale high volume delivery.
  • Deployment of HR Technology that frees up recruiters time to focus on more added value work while improving the candidate experience.

The Results

Improved Quality of Recruiting Life Cycle and Hires

  • Deployed Structured Competency and Behavioral based frameworks that improved the assessment of ‘soft skills’ helping reduce first year attrition.
  • Improved Offer Acceptance to 90%+
  • Lowered Time to Fill globally from 70+ days down to a 36-day average.
  • Created an SBA (Submittal to Business Acceptance) metric to improve sourcer/recruiter candidate submission quality. Achieved 92% SBA.

Reduced the cost to serve and Cost Per Hire.

  • Lowered the worldwide recruiting CPH from 15.2k to 5.7k for software and professional services roles.
  • Reduced the reliance on Executive Search and Agencies hiring to less than 1%. Annual Cost avoidance of over a million in executive search fees and savings of 3.2 million for agency fees.
  • Drove the CPH down to 7k for the sourcing of senior passive technical talent from 26k a hire.
  • Outsourced Administration and Active Channel sourcing support for onshore recruiters globally (38,000+ Transactions outsourced globally with 150+ Hires per year).
  • Reduced the reliance of job board by 2.4million with no reduction of hires.

Scaled Talent Acquisition support and delivery

  • Increased Employee Referrals 40+% through a proactive ‘Talent Magnet’ framework.
  • Increased Passive Sourcing hires from 5% of total hires to 18% in less than two years.
  • Increased career site traffic by 400%
  • Architected, designed and implemented sourcing models that focus on capturing global passive talent pools that drive pipeline ahead of the business demand while delivering against JIT recruiting demand
  • Enhanced the delivery model by aligning ‘Talent Advisors’ to HR/Business alignment. Reduced dissatisfaction and noise from the business on escalations and delivery.
  • Deployed multiple ATS, CRM and TRM (Talent Relationship Management) global solutions.

 Improved Candidate Experience

  • Won over 20 Global Employment and Candidate experience awards: ‘Candie’ awards, Computer World Top 100 places to Work for 3 years in a row; Top Employer Europe – Multiple countries; Work Life Award; and many more.
  • Built a Talent Community framework tied to the social media platforms with over 120k members.
  • Improved Interview experience on from 43% positive feedback to 64% and moved negative feedback from 21% to 15% in 18months.